Our Story

About Us

Our Story

MATTLIST is a smart lifestyle platform created by globetrotter Artist-Preneur Mattia Settimelli.

Why “smart lifestyle”?

Smart is the capacity to use every tool out there to achieve your objectives and live the life you want.

Smart, because we are immersed in a world full of smart products, smart tools, and functional objects, we can use to achieve our own personal dream.

Smart because you can backpack one day and live on a  yacht the next one.

Mainly, when I say smart I mean: digital, remote/location independent, premium, collaborative, shared, private, glocal, innovative.

Our Mission

In this day and age, there are specific areas of the economy that heavily reflect and influence also the lifestyle of entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers, and the entire global supply chain.

These areas are: remote/location-independent work and its practices; digital tools and habits; data&information; the e-commerce landscape; new business services; and many more.

The above-mentioned topics, if properly managed and tracked, offer unprecedented value and infinite possibilities to elevate one’s lifestyle and achieve (or, at least, try to) top-notch economic and financial freedom, and lifestyle goals and objectives. 

So I wanted to create a platform to share data, information, tools, similarly to a database or a blog; a section full of deals, discounts and offers for key products and services to build a business from scratch; but also, to feature cool things, beautiful objects and the premium lifestyle an entrepreneur can live today. Last but not least, I’d like to include a sense of community, with a dedicate section for members only.

Thus, often you’ll find a “best landing page builders” listicle next to “the new Porsche Electric Car” highlight; or a post about “the best European business incorporation and services agencies” immediately above “the best Thailand villas with pool to rent and work remotely”; or maybe the “coolest co-working space in Spain” together with “3 best apps for private jet sharing travel”. 

A mixture of inspirational and aspirational content.

Because this is the essence of doing business today. 

This is what I intend with smart lifestyle. 

And you don’t have to be a millionaire now to enjoy it: with the booming of the sharing economy and the diffusion of high-speed internet in every corner of the planet, it’s just a matter of  clever “resource management” in order to be able to live that premium life.